7 Ways To Spice Up Your Online Marketing Using Photography

Believe it or not an image can help make or break a piece of content, once your visitors reach the page. Whether you're sprinkling your content marketing with imagery or looking to make it a larger part of your strategy, here are some best practices for letting your images shine.

#1 – Always Create An Emotional Response
When someone looks at the images that you use to help tell the story of your content, it should illicit a response or reaction. If a follower takes a look at your photo and then stifles a yawn it's time to go back to the camera lens and find another image that is more suited.

#2 – Start Thinking Visually
It's time that every business start thinking visually. If you're a retail website, be more mindful of how your products are displayed. If you have a storefront, take some pictures of it. If you create a lot of text rich content online, amp it up with some killer images.

#3 – All Content Needs Photos
There is an opportunity to add visual content to almost all media types. Using a photo on a Facebook post or tweet to your fans is a great way to draw them in with something new and unexpected.

#4 – Size Doesn't Matter
Don't let budget stop you from including great photos in your online content. Even if you aren't able to hire a photographer you can still capture great photos. Take a crack at it yourself and see what happens!

#5 – Look For Moments
Try and keep an eye out for those moments that will create a great photo if captured in time. If any of you have ever seen Lee Odden's Instagram feed you know that he loves taking photos on his travels and has a good eye for making the piece of architecture you've seen a million times, somehow look different. 

#6 – Share When No One Else Can
If you find yourself in a unique situation that you'd like to share with others that could not be present, take a few photos that can be used in your content.

#7 – Shoot Like A Kid
Ever heard the expression: "Dance like no one's looking"? Well, the same notion applies to taking great images. Shoot little things you find interesting, try different angles, and don't overthink your shots.

Written by: Lee Odden
Contributor: toprankblog.com
Image Source: thecreativecollective.worldsecuresystems.com