9 Tips To Get You Started With Mobile Marketing


Jeff Judge, of Signal. offered the following tips to take some of the guesswork out of SMS marketing.

  • Keep it simple and determine what you are trying to drive with this mobile message.
  • Consider mobile in combination with other channels and post across mobile, Facebook, Twitter, email and any online communications channel you use.
  • Remember that customers pay for text messaging, so don’t send a lot of messages. One or two per month is plenty.
  • Use a single marketing platform to obtain reporting across all your marketing channels (e.g. email, social and mobile).
  • Make sure your mobile message contains an immediate value (e.g. a promo or contest entry “now”).
  • Use a strong call to action (CTA) in mobile marketing messages that is consistent with your customer demographic.
  • Make your mobile SMS easy for customers to opt-in (e./g. scan a QR code or text a simple code to a number).
  • Enforce a double opt-in for mobile subscribers. After the consumer has opted-in send a confirmation message.
  • Advertise your mobile subscription everywhere you do business -- your website, email newsletter, store kiosk -- anywhere you do business.
  • Learn about customers (e.g. let customer manage profiles on the web) so you can segment your mobile marketing list for specific communications.