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Three Reasons Why Pinterest

It’s a no brainer that you want more traffic to your website – Pinterest can help drive traffic to your website for months and even years!

Melissa Megginson, contributing author to Business2Community, couldn’t have described Pinterest any better when she said, “Pinterest is one part social, one part search, and two parts inspiration.” Pinterest is a unique social media platform and one of the easiest and most engaging ways to distribute your content to a new audience of people just waiting to be inspired to start planning their next vacation to your destination. No matter your destination size or location, you have unique content to share with the world. Let Pinterest help share your story and drive traffic to your website for years to come.

1. Pinterest is for quality.

Once a pin is on Pinterest it can surface in search results for months – or even years – after it was pinned. Pinning eye-catching images, dramatic artwork, and timeless destination experiences can keep users coming from Pinterest to your website time and time again. Although the descriptions are important on Pinterest – especially when it comes to setting yourself up for Pinterest SEO success – the images are what people are looking for.

2. Pinterest is for inspiration.

Pinterest users also tend to focus on the positive aspects of life. Often pinners are planning for a major life event or preparing for a better future. They’re coming to Pinterest to be inspired and find something that can make their life better. Why not inspire them to plan their next vacation to your destination with a great ocean view, tempting food, vintage shopping, or historic sites – all while linking pinners directly to your website and increasing your traffic.

3. Pinterest is for discovery.

People are on Pinterest to discover new things. They are searching for new experiences – starting a new life with their partner, planning a new place to visit, trying a new way to decorate their home or their body. The discovery side of Pinterest makes the site more equivalent to a Google or a Bing and you wouldn’t ignore search engines - so why ignore Pinterest?

  • Pinterest has grown 111% year-over-year from 2013 to 2014
  • Half of Pinterest users household income is over $50,000
  • Women make up approximately 81% of Pinterest users
  • Median age of a Pinterest user is 40

Our most recent update on the #GetSocial HUB social managing and publishing platform is allowing you to not only distribute user-generated content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly to your website but also Pinterest!

Once users have found your destination through your inspiring Pinterest pin, with an interactive social widget, your websites users will be able to see your destination and visitors pins, keeping them on your site longer and engaging with your social media content.

With #GetSocial you are in control of the content you display on your website. Accept or reject posts with just a click of the button. Use keywords, #Hashtags, and geolocation searches to pull in the most relevant social content. Plus, engage with a whole new audience of visitors by interacting with them on the social media platforms they are using by adding comments and liking their pictures.

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Author: Sarah Buter

Sarah Butler
Sarah is the Communications Manager at ITI Marketing. She approaches her life with passion and grit - just the same as she approaches each of her projects. With a true appetite for creating dynamic solutions, Sarah is skilled at customizing results to fit the need of each client.


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