Today’s Tech Impacts On Email

With the changes in technology are you taking full advantage of the impact it can have on your email campaigns?

Think Mobile First With over 50% of emails now being opened on mobile devices (Litmus, 2015) it’s time to start thinking about mobile first. We recommend working your way from the small screen to the larger screens. This will ensure that you are mobile-friendly while still keeping the features and functionality for desktop users.

Targeting - Segmenting and personalization are a must in today’s overflow of email. The ability to narrowly target specific audience segments is a big benefit that technology has brought to today's marketers. Today's segmentation capabilities allow marketers to send much more targeted and personalized communications appealing to a more specific group of readers than ever before.

Additional Email Marketing Best Practices

What other strategies can today's online marketers employ to boost the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts? Based on its analysis of more than 2.1 million emails, Constant Contact offers the following tips:

  • Content needs to be concise. The best results (based on click-through rates) came from emails with three images or fewer and about 20 lines of text.
  • Make sure your call to action is clearly displayed above the fold or where readers don't have to scroll down to find it.
  • Consider adding clickable buttons (such as, Buy Now!) that are more eye-catching and easier to press on a touchscreen device.
  • Because images are inherently engaging, make sure yours are clickable.
  • Test and tweak different layouts to see what works best for you-no two subscriber bases are the same.

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Author: Sarah Buter

Sarah Butler
Sarah is the Communications Manager at ITI Marketing. She approaches her life with passion and grit - just the same as she approaches each of her projects. With a true appetite for creating dynamic solutions, Sarah is skilled at customizing results to fit the need of each client.