What Can Taylor Swift Teach You About Content Strategy?

American popstar Taylor Swift is hot property right now. Her 1989 album was the biggest selling record of 2014 and she has soared to #3 in the Forbes music rich list – largely through a combination of ‘sick beats’™ and carefully crafted lyrics designed to make every teenager believe that she’s just like them. Dumped by your boyfriend? Unpopular at school? Been on an embarrassing date? There’s a Taylor track for you…

Taylor Swift

Of course, Taylor isn’t anywhere near 15 anymore, and she certainly isn’t sweating over a teenage crush. But by focusing on her young fans and their problems with empathy and humor she creates an emotional connection.

Here is your first lesson: with a little bit of creative copywriting and the right angle, you can do something very similar with your content to connect with consumers everywhere.

With nearly two-thirds of Americans owning a smartphone, we are exposed to more content than ever and with the way we consume content changing nearly daily, and it’s crucial to have a great story (T-Swift strategy mode-on!) and an even better plan for telling that story.

Not too long ago brands had limited options for getting their message out. In the digital age, there are now endless possibilities to engage consumers. Recent studies by Business Insider indicate that content advertising will increase by 300% growing to more than $21 billion over the next four years. With that being said, having a detailed strategy for distributing quality content is rule #1. After all, what good is terrific content if you aren’t reaching your target audience?

See below how content marketing is exploding in 2015 through social and other online experiences:

Whats HOT?

Content Marketing Graphic

1. Facebook recently launched a news partnership called “Instant Articles” which allows news publishers to post stories directly on the platform rather than linking from their own websites.

2. Snapchat recently released Discover which allows publishers to design fresh content to target their significantly younger demographic through stories. The company proclaims the feature to be a “collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first.”

3. Apple will launch their new News App in the later part of 2015 with the release of iOS 9. The app will promote content from the more than 50 publishers in one centralized stream.

These developments in the way that content is shared all point to a drastic shift in the world of content marketing. Producers strive to reach a much wider (and younger) audience. Major companies like Facebook, Apple and Snapchat are in the race to become the #1 source for content distribution. We can’t wait to see which company will enter the race next!

Create your own content and have control

In light of the increased costs associated with content distribution, some brands like Marriott are choosing alternative means and steering away from the pay per click price models. Marriott International, Inc. has recently debuted their own travel and leisure publication entitled Marriott Traveler. David Beebe, vice president of Creative and Content Marketing says the publication will “offer consumers authentic travel stories and experiences from across the world written by local and global influencers passionate where they live and where they travel.”

Vacations2Disover is another example of a company cutting out the middle man and creating top-notch travel content in-house. The content on Vacations2Discover is engaging, destination-driven and professionally crafted. Brands are now finding themselves asking the question, why should we pay for content if we can create our own? Ultimately, having complete control over their brand message and story is leading many companies to become publishers in their own right and justifiably so.

It is an exciting time in the world of marketing. Whether creating content in-house or relying on publishers to create it, there is no denying that there is a bright future for the field of content marketing.


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