Bradenton Area, FL

Type: Web, Mobile & Digital

Client: Bradenton Area, FL

Ambassador Program

Project Description

A certification program that serves to increase tourism by inspiring front-line hospitality employees and volunteers to work together to turn every visitor encounter into a positive, memorable experience. The online platform is designed to educate, engage and interact with the target audience, offering customized learning paths and quizzes to accomplish different levels.

Native App

Project Description

Combining innovation with various features, custom designed icons, and beautiful photography, this app showcases the best of the Bradenton Area, FL. Divided in three main section, in order to facilitate the user experience, Visitors and Meeting Planners have easy access to relevant content.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Project Description

Increase the brand awareness and generate leads, targeting specific audiences and delivering appealing image-driven designs. Level playing field, reduced cost, simple to measure, real time results, extended reach, viral, not intrusive, greater engagement. From a marketing perspective – what is there not to like?

Digital Magazine

Project Description

Engage and keep your visitors on your website, where they can select and view the Social Media channel of choice and view user generated content. Solution: the Social HUB appears not only as an innovative tool, but also as a website performance enhancement. Manage and publish content from the ITI Digital social media HUB management dashboard. See Bradenton’s Digital Magazine.

Sales App

Project Description

Reflecting Bradenton's modern-look website, this sales tool has proved how easy it can be to showcase your destination, deliver real time follow-up and increase business. Features include: overview of attractions; special section for Sports locations, wedding planning, team-building and an interactive map.