Spartanburg, SC

Type: Web & Digital

Client: Spartanburg, SC

Spartanburg CVB Sales App

Project Description

An award winning app, making it easier to showcase the best of Spartanburg, SC. Features include: Attractions organized in order to optimize the sales presentation and deliver customized sales kits; editable calendar with appointments schedule; easy follow up with email tool; and automatic generates lead report.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Project Description

Spartanburg has it all. With quartely multi-channel campaigns, Social Media reputation management and Social HUB integration with our proprietary dashboard, this destination promotes all atractions, events and beautiful getaways within the city. Strategies implemented include: Social Media editorial calendar; content writing for digital magazine, social platforms, blogs and email campaigns; and multi-channel campaigns with creative landing pages design promoting the campaign.

Social Media

Project Description

ITI creates high-quality content and manages social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to engage target audiences and drive traffic to client websites. Since 2012, ITI has increased Visit Spartanburg’s Facebook impressions over 300%, reach over 500% and engagement rate over 1,000%.

#GetSocial Hub

Project Description

Engage and keep your visitors on your website, where they can select and view the Social Media channel of choice and view user generated content. Solution: the Social HUB appears not only as an innovative tool, but also as a website performance enhancement. Manage and publish content from the ITI Digital social media HUB management dashboard. See Spartanburg, SC’s Social HUB.