Our Director of Marketing and PR, Kelli Godwin, enjoyed meeting many DMO Leaders at the eTourism Summit in Las Vegas! She spent time discussing topics such as the latest technology and social media trends and interviewing the industry’s top minds. Check out all of the summit highlights!

Watch Now: eTourism Memories

Discover Puerto Rico‘s Social Media Manager, Astrid Emmanuelli, talks about social media trends, user-generated content, and the power of short-videos.

Cody Yellowstone‘s Marketing Manager, Katrina Southern, talks about their brand strategy for short-videos, working with the community, and tips you can follow to get started.

Visit Baltimore‘s Director of Technology & Business Intelligence, Donald Lilley, talked to us about the importance of technology for DMOs of all sizes ahead of his session “Converting Data to Stories: Data-Driven Omni Channel Strategies.”

Lake Lanier CVB, Georgia’s President & CEO, Stacey Dickson, shared advice for small DMOs to thrive in a competitive market. She is one of the presenters at the “Small Team + Small Budget = Big DMO Energy” session.

Visit Pensacola’s Vice President of Destination Development, Nicole Stacey, shared thoughts on ChatGPT and content strategies post-session “Efficiency, Savings & Relevance in Content Creation.”

Mammoth Lakes Tourism’s Sr. Manager of Marketing & Special Events, Dakota Snider, talks about how their DMO engages the local community and shares a key takeaway from this year’s Summit.

Visit Albuquerque’s Social Media Specialist, Lara Brockway, shares her advice to DMOs, as a key takeaway from this year’s Summit.

Visit Lake Charles’ Director of Digital Strategy & Online Marketing, Anna Strider, discussed key highlights in the session “Driving Value-based Outcomes: Destinations Leading the Pack.”

Visit Laredo’s Marketing Coordinator, Ana Reyna Azarte, talked to us about her favorite topics and takeaway from this year’s Summit.

ITI Digital’s Summit Takeaways

The eTourism Summit conference is an invaluable opportunity for industry professionals to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the eTourism industry. Attendees gained valuable insights into the current state and future of eTourism, as well as received tips on leveraging emerging technologies and tools to optimize their organization’s efforts. ITI Digital put together some key takeaways from the summit!

Technology is key!

AI has the potential to help DMOs be more efficient. For example, ChatGPT can help create content from social media posts to blogs to FAM itineraries! Embrace the change, be educated on the process, and protect your brand.

Direct-to-glass TV and Automatic content recognition (ACR) help determine which ads are served and optimize your advertising dollars.

Short-form video is a must! Video has to be a part of your content strategy. Start with a realistic frequency and plan at least a month out. Repurpose and reformat current videos across platforms if needed.

Maximize Your Potential: 

Meetings Marketing. Get to know your meeting planners so you can talk the same language and have your internal teams spend time together on their processes (sales, marketing, and services).

Small DMOs. Pros: Ability to adapt and pivot quickly. Ways to flourish: Maximize local, regional, and state partnerships to expand reach. Co-ops!

Community is Paramount. Including your community and its values in marketing and initiatives is more important than ever!

Data is the Key. Data is the driver behind your marketing, but it is important to remember that it is NOT the story.

Step into the future of travel.

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