A dynamic and interactive trip planning tool

Encourage website engagement by offering a digital tool that allows visitors and group leaders to build personalized itineraries based on their interests. The planner enables travelers to create customized interactive trips, featuring things to do and see in the area.

GPS enabled and mobile-friendly trip planner with fun features such as drag-and-drop and interaction with real-time Google content. Creating a custom itinerary is as easy as 1-2-3.

Why a Trip Planner?

  • Inspire travel to the destination with a mobile-friendly trip planner that includes automated content with real-time Google Places content
  • Provide the individual traveler with a digital tool to create their customized visitor experience and interactive trips, featuring things to do and experience in the area.
  • Lower the CMS management time by 50% when creating tours and itineraries, allowing you to re-assign your valuable resources to other projects and task
  • Provide visitors to the destination site with 100% engaging and GPS-enabled content 
  • Add Google Places using geo-fence technology.
  • Block organizations that are not relevant to the mission of the Tourism Division
  • Manually add partner Google Places if needed
  • Develop the “Editor’s Choice” option. This option allows the CVB to highlight individual businesses of choice. It may be utilized as a co-op partnership promotional item.
  • Unlimited access to restaurants, attractions, hotels, etc.