For over 30 years, ITI Digital has worked with destinations across the U.S to promote economic development through tourism marketing in the domestic and international markets.

We believe exceptional experiences drive visitors, and their spending, to destinations. We align ourselves with the needs of the modern marketplace. Our teams’ leading- industry knowledge and commitment to best-in-class web design solutions, content and marketing strategies, makes us uniquely qualified to deliver customized services to our business partners.

Experience That Matters

Our team consists of expert digital marketers, designers, software engineers, social media specialists, content creators and managers. We deliver measurable results and help Travel organizations achieve their goals. Because of new technologies, the expectations of the target audiences, and the ever-growing demand for relevant and real-time content, we understand the need for bold new marketing strategies.

Our work includes unique SaaS solutions, website design and development, creating, implementing, and managing content and marketing strategies, such as SEO/SEM and social media management. We live and work by the motto that technological and lack of resources is the most significant trend that will offer organizations the biggest challenges and opportunities.These significant factors motivated our company to invest time and resources in to developing an industry-disrupting content software to help our business partners to accomplish their goals.

Technology – The Future of Tourism Marketing

So what is the difference between ITI Digital other agencies? Experience, technology, and our proprietary software. What makes a website great is great content that will engage visitors and inspire travel. Connecting with millennials, gen-Xers, and baby boomers require a forward-thinking strategy. Our content delivery system and travel planning tools address the need and allow DMOs to shift from Content Managers and list management to Experience Manager.

A Personalized Experience  

As a digital company focused on travel and tourism, we understand the importance of customer service. We have systems in place to manage and provide support. Our customer relations go beyond ticket systems. We offer a personalized experience to help solve specific issues quickly and effectively.

Saving staff resources while delivering quality content.

Our development team created a content software that uses popular API’s such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Eventful, Eventbright integrating the social media posts, organization contact information, reviews with the website. Traditional listing pages are automated with dynamic content. No need to upload images, write descriptions, and always manage contact information. A win for our DMO’s, for the stakeholders and web visitors.

So, what is new?

DXM – destination experience management system. The system includes a dashboard where our system daily delivers dynamic content, a software that allows staff to manage the content and a Partner Portal with the expected features. The DXM can integrate with any CMS – custom or open-source such as WordPress.

ITI Digital is a member and/or partner of the following organizations within the travel industry:

Here’s what some clients
think of our work…

  • “I can’t stress enough how much we love ITI Digital social media strategy and content. Their team is incredibly thoughtful & don’t miss anything. We appreciate the care they put into our work.”

    Becky Wilson, Vice President - PERRY AREA CVB
  • “The ImGoing SaaS has helped Gaston Tourism better educate visitors about the wide variety of events taking place in our destination. By aggregating real-time data, managed by our partner businesses, we can confidently provide the traveling public with the most recent and accurate event information available. ImGoing allows us to maximize our service delivery to both partners and visitors and we appreciate the great support of the ITI Digital team.  

    ITI’s website development for Gaston has been a fantastic experience. The team is thorough and forward-thinking. They listened to my needs and provided quality solutions that helped me and my team save valuable time while providing optimal user experiences for our website visitors.”

    Michael Applegate, CDME Director of Travel & Tourism - GASTON COUNTY, NC
  • “Upon arrival at the New Smyrna Beach Area Visitor’s Bureau, we immediately sent out a Request for Qualifications (RSQ) for our responsive website and digital needs. This detailed proposal required a digital agency to create a branded responsive website complete with a content management system, intensive analytics tracking and tagging system, and top of the line on-page SEO strategies. We also requested the proposing firm to list other digital components that they could handle.

    Being a governmental division of Volusia County, we poured through the proposals and were happy to have our board unanimously chose ITI-Digital. Our mobile Applications, Website, landing pages, and content management has never been better. What your team has done for our social media platforms in one year has been outstanding. We could not have selected a better company to align with our growing brand. Please let me know if you should need anything else as we are proud to call ITI-Digital our partner.”

    Debbie Meihls, Executive Director - NEW SMYRNA BEACH CVB
  • “Our website is cleaner and easier to use because of ITI’s quality work. ITI’s new digital strategies help us build partnerships and boost community involvement. Most of our partners simply can’t afford to have their own websites, so ITI’s website build and content strategy help our stakeholders tell their stories and share their unique message. It also allows them to be an active partner in the region’s tourism marketing efforts, ensuring buy-in and promoting growth.”

    Jane Powell, Visitor Center Manager - SANTEE COOPER COUNTY
  • “As a popular tourist destination with a wide array of events to offer our visitors, event calendar management had become a full time job. With the help of the ImGoing calendar plugin on our website, has eliminated data entry errors, and most importantly, we now save time and money. My team as well as the businesses the Destination Marketing Corporation represents, love this website feature. It’s easy to install and ITI Digital’s customer service is timely and courteous. Highly recommended!”

    Cassandra M. Harrington, Executive Director - Destination Marketing Corporation for Otsego County Serving both Otsego and Schoharie County Tourism Promotion
  • “Providing visitors with the best customer service and information is our number one priority. Whether we are doing that face-to-face or in the virtual world, we need the most cutting-edge tools to serve the needs of these potential customers. The Virtual Visitors Center platform gives us the technology to put the most up-to-date information about our tourism businesses in the hands of our visitors, no matter where they are.”

    Rosa Lee Jude, Director - Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau