Local events promotes travel
and increases occupancy.

People travel for events – one of the top five most viewed web pages is Events. It is a fact, and Google analytics will confirm it. Our software curates events from different platforms that will influence travel to the destination: a new menu, cooking classes, live entertainment, a book signing at the local bookshop. Events enhance the guest experience and increase guest satisfaction.

Why ImGoing Saas?

  • Provide visitors to the destination site with 100% engaging and dynamic content
  • Our SaaS curates local events using data feeds such as Eventful, Eventbrite and other online sources
  • Optional editorial control – your team has approval control and editing capabilities on all events
  • Mobile friendly – Allow visitors and guests to take advantage of GPS directions when they are at a destination
  • Lower the CMS management time for researching and inputting events by 90%


  • Access to unlimited events promoted to online platforms such as Eventbrite, Eventful and Facebook.
  • Automated updates to the content
  • Daily removal of past due events
  • Optional Custom Event Categories feature – tag events with different categories of your choice, e.g., Family Events, or Live Music, or Workshops & Classes
  • Export all or selected events to a ready-to-print PDF