Local events promotes travel
and increases occupancy.

People travel for events – one of the top five most viewed web pages is Events. It is a fact, and Google analytics will confirm it. Our software curates events from different platforms that will influence travel to the destination: a new menu, cooking classes, live entertainment, a book signing at the local bookshop. Events enhance the guest experience and increase guest satisfaction.

Why an Automated Events Calendar?

According to Google Analytics, the Events page is one of the top five and for many destinations the #1 most visited page on the destination website.
  • Save staff time curating events in your area
  • Engage partners with a community-driven calendar
  • Offer daily events that will influence visitors to stay longer and come back often, such as live music, arts and crafts workshops and more, promoting beyond marquee annual festivals
  • Access to unlimited events promoted to online platforms such as Eventbrite and Facebook.
  • Automated updates to the content
  • Daily removal of past due events
  • Optional Custom Event Categories feature – tag events with different categories of your choice, e.g., Family Events, or Live Music, or Workshops & Classes
  • Export all or selected events to a ready-to-print PDF