Local events promotes travel
and increases occupancy.

According to Google Analytics, the Events page is one of the top five, if not the #1 most visited page on destination websites. Events attract visitors, influence their length of stay and return visitation.

  • Promote daily events to influence travel to the destination
  • Increase the number of events displayed on the website
  • Increase engagement on the website, and realize a positive and measurable impact of the site SEO performance.
  • Reduce staff time to research and the manual input of the event on your website by 90%
  • Minimize dependence on business owners to provide the content that will help promote the destination
  • Offer visitors to the website with content they want: real-time updated information

What We Do

We deliver event content from data sources such as Google, Facebook, Eventbrite, and more, to the DXP.

Content Management Control. With access to the DXP and the innovative and feature-rich DXP, staff are empowered to edit, approve and publish events directly to your website

Key Features Visitors LOVE!

Filter calendar by date
Filter calendar by DMO created custom event categories
Search events – search parameters include the event title, organizer, keywords.
See multiple event info/ticket links from all platforms available.
Upcoming events. On the event detail page, users can see four additional forthcoming events. This feature assists the visitors in the planning stage.
A mobile-friendly Events Calendar allows visitors to take advantage of GPS directions and an easy-to-use responsive interface.
  • “ITI Digital’s event dashboard has significantly assisted our event search issues. Maintaining events up to date is a challenging tasks in our office, and one in which we always felt behind and out of date. With ITI’s event dashboard we have started closing this gap, it finds most of the events for us and we’re ensured that the description and information is what the tourism partner intended it to be. Our events calendar is more robust, and we’re not constantly on the phone confirming information.”

    Karen Kuhl

    Cayuga County NY Office of Tourism


  • “We love the ITI Digital Event Calendar Widget!  For years, we struggled to gather local events and manually input them into our destination’s calendar.  We tried various methods to collect this event information. We worked to educate groups to submit their own information, patrolled websites, and social media gathering as much information as possible.  These methods were extremely time-consuming and sometimes an inaccurate way to gather event information for our calendar.  Since utilizing the ITI Digital Event Calendar, our online calendar is robust with a variety of events, up-to-date with the best information available, while being easy and quick to collect.”

    Kerrie Kuiper
    Executive Director at Fort Dodge Convention & Visitors Bureau

Experience the DXP Events Calendar Module