We are a 100% travel-focused agency addressing DMO challenges.

Automated Content Solutions

Our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) uses popular APIs such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Eventbrite, and more, to aggregate and deliver events, social media posts, business listings, reviews, and more. The dynamic and automated content is managed through a SaaS dashboard. Your DMO has full editorial control.

DXP Content Modules

Proven marketing experience

Our team consists of expert digital marketers, designers, software engineers, social media specialists, content creators, and managers. We have delivered measurable results and helped Destination Marketing Organizations achieve their goals for over 25 years.

Digital Marketing Services

Innovative Online Experiences

The future of travel services is information at the traveler’s fingertips. ITI Digital’s Virtual Visitors Center solution allows destinations to continue to offer travel consultation and service completely online, enhancing the visitor experience with new technology and travel tools.

Virtual Visitor Center

Virtual Visitor Center

“Excited to offer real-time consumer Google Reviews to prospective visitors, on what I know are world-class museums in Cartersville, through our Virtual Visitor Center. Pair that with immediate access to nearby restaurants and shops and have the perfect service delivery tool for our guests. Really, really, really like how the ITI Digital SaaS captures local events posted online before we can, keeping our Events page – the page on our website with the most traffic! – more current and populated than it has ever been.”
Ellen Archer, Executive Director
Cartersville-Bartow County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Technology: The Future of Destination Marketing Organizations

So, what differentiates ITI Digital from other agencies?  Experience, technology, and our proprietary software.

What makes a website great is great content that will engage visitors and inspire travel. Our SaaS and travel planning tools allow DMOs to shift from being web Content Managers –> Experience Managers.

DXP Content Modules

100% Tourism-focused and a
Personalized Experience

As a digital company focused on travel and tourism, we understand the importance of customer service. We have systems in place to manage and provide support. Our customer relations go beyond ticket systems. We offer a personalized experience to help solve specific issues quickly and effectively.

About ITI Digital

Meet Our DXP Content Modules

What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an emerging category of enterprise software seeking to meet the needs of companies undergoing digital transformation, with the ultimate goal of providing better customer experiences. DXPs provide an architecture for companies to digitize business operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable customer insight.

The ITI Digital DXP is a platform that powers personalized, cross-channel digital experiences. We create unmatched personalized customer engagement with content – such as Events, Images, Business listings, Reviews, and Instagram UGC. This content is delivered via API and other sources from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Eventbrite, etc., to the ITI Digital Experience Platform. From the DXP, the content is edited (if needed,) approved, and published to the website.

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What Other DMOs Say

  • “As a popular tourist destination with a wide array of events to offer our visitors, event calendar management had become a full time job. With the help of the ImGoing calendar plugin on our website, ThisIsCooperstown.com has eliminated data entry errors, and most importantly, we now save time and money. My team as well as the businesses the Destination Marketing Corporation represents, love this website feature. It’s easy to install and ITI Digital’s customer service is timely and courteous. Highly recommended!”

    Cassandra M. Harrington, Executive Director
    Destination Marketing Corporation for Otsego County, NY.
    Serving both Otsego and Schoharie County Tourism Promotion.

  • “I must admit I am a bit biased as I have had the pleasure to work with your company while I was Executive Manager of the Bradenton Area CVB. Working with you during those five and a half years proved to me that your team could do just about anything! Your clientele respect and ability to deliver on deadline proved to me that I would be fortunate to work with you in the future.

    Upon arrival at the New Smyrna Beach Area Visitor’s Bureau, we immediately sent out a Request for Qualifications (RSQ) for our responsive website and digital needs. […] Being a governmental division of Volusia County, we poured through the proposals and were happy to have our board unanimously chose ITI-Digital. Our mobile Applications, Website, landing pages, and content management has never been better. What your team has done for our social media platforms in one year has been outstanding. We could not have selected a better company to align with our growing brand. Please let me know if you should need anything else as we are proud to call ITI Digital our partner.”

    Debbie Meihls, CDME, Executive Director
    Visit New Smyrna Beach, Florida

  • “The ImGoing SaaS has helped Gaston Tourism better educate visitors about the wide variety of events taking place in our destination. By aggregating real-time data, managed by our partner businesses, we can confidently provide the traveling public with the most recent and accurate event information available. ImGoing allows us to maximize our service delivery to both partners and visitors and we appreciate the great support of the ITI Digital team.  

    ITI’s website development for Gaston has been a fantastic experience. The team is thorough and forward-thinking. They listened to my needs and provided quality solutions that helped me and my team save valuable time while providing optimal user experiences for our website visitors.”

    Michael Applegate, CDME, Director of Travel & Tourism
    Gaston County Tourism, NC – Gogaston.org

  • “Our website is cleaner and easier to use because of ITI’s quality work. ITI’s new digital strategies help us build partnerships and boost community involvement. Most of our partners simply can’t afford to have their own websites, so ITI’s website build and content strategy help our stakeholders tell their stories and share their unique message. It also allows them to be an active partner in the region’s tourism marketing efforts, ensuring buy-in and promoting growth.”

    Jane Powell, Executive Director
    Santee Cooper Country, SC Tourism Region

  • I can’t stress enough how much we love ITI Digital social media strategy and content. Their team is incredibly thoughtful & don’t miss anything. We appreciate the care they put into our work.”

    Becky Wilson, Vice President
    Perry Area Convention & Visitors Bureau


  • “Providing visitors with the best customer service and information is our number one priority. Whether we are doing that face-to-face or in the virtual world, we need the most cutting-edge tools to serve the needs of these potential customers. The Virtual Visitors Center platform gives us the technology to put the most up-to-date information about our tourism businesses in the hands of our visitors, no matter where they are.”


    Rosa Lee Jude, Director
    Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • “ITI Digital’s event dashboard has significantly assisted our event search issues. Maintaining events up to date is a challenging tasks in our office, and one in which we always felt behind and out of date. With ITI’s event dashboard we have started closing this gap, it finds most of the events for us and we’re ensured that the description and information is what the tourism partner intended it to be. Our events calendar is more robust, and we’re not constantly on the phone confirming information.”


    Karen Kuhl
    Cayuga County NY Office of Tourism


  • “We just launched our calendar, and I’m really pleased with the results. My board was impressed with the number of events we were able to show. One remarked that she thought it was a great value for the money – as a staff person, that’s always nice to hear!”

    Amanda Livingston, TMP
    Director of Tourism at Smyth County VA

  • “We love the ITI Digital Event Calendar Widget!  For years, we struggled to gather local events and manually input them into our destination’s calendar.  We tried various methods to collect this event information. We worked to educate groups to submit their own information, patrolled websites, and social media gathering as much information as possible.  These methods were extremely time-consuming and sometimes an inaccurate way to gather event information for our calendar.  Since utilizing the ITI Digital Event Calendar, our online calendar is robust with a variety of events, up-to-date with the best information available, while being easy and quick to collect.”

    Kerrie Kuiper
    Executive Director at Fort Dodge Convention & Visitors Bureau