Allow visitors to interact with social media and engaging content that drives action.

Turn your business listings into dynamic content powered by Facebook and Google APIs

For most consumers, the more personal the brand, the more attractive it is. They trust the opinion of the populace, and they’re going to go where that populace is hanging out the most – social media!

Content that drives response. Site visitors can search by category  – view Facebook posts and Google reviews of restaurants, attractions, shopping, etc. within a destination without leaving the site or navigating between social channels.

Why ImGoing Saas Places?

  • Interactive content for visitors to your site that includes social media
  • SEO. Increase time on page and engagement by offering relevant content.
  • Staff time savings. Through software automation, your team will no longer be responsible for updating listings and searching for content.
  • New technology = new experiences. Move your site beyond being a portal for images, listings, and videos.


  • Add Facebook/Google Places using geofencing technology. By setting a geofence around the destination, we will curate content for restaurants, attractions, hotels and more. 
  • Block organizations that are not relevant to tourism
  • Optional editorial control of your content
  • Optional “Editor’s Choice” feature, allows your organization to highlight individual businesses of choice. It may be utilized as a co-op partnership/revenue generator item. 
  • Display Facebook Business Posts and Google Reviews directly on your website