ImGoing SaaS UGC Asset
Management Platform

Powerful visuals that tell your destination story.

Need we say more?

Consumer-generated content is the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. Marketers used to include room for word-of-mouth strategies.  Today, those tactics are all social- as a friend of a friend’s #foodie post on Instagram is more valued than a dated 5-star review at the bottom of a webpage. In fact, 92% of consumers trust content and recommendations that come from peers over any other form of marketing.

Why User-Generated Content? 

There has been a shift in the last two years from static billboard tourism websites — promoting tourism and hospitality partners with banner ads and generic descriptions — to more story-driven portals that feature original and UGC content. The objective of the Instagram UGC Asset Management Platform is to allow visitors to discover the destination through the powerful visuals, supplied by Instagram visitors and local businesses.

  • Access to unlimited user-generated content from Instagram @Accounts and up to 30 #Hashtags.
  • Create and Organize assets in unlimited library folders
  • Display the library folders as website widgets on specific web pages such as shopping, restaurants, outdoor, etc.
  • Filter media by type (image or video,) size, and orientation and by date if was published
  • Search assets database based on caption text. A search feature of the CMS that searches all assets – keyword search but only based on the caption of the photo
  • Rights Approval Feature – Have access to unlimited images. Contact users and ask for permission to use their posts in other material.