ImGoing SaaS UGC Asset
Management Platform

Powerful visuals that tell your destination story.

Need we say more?

Consumer-generated content is the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. Marketers used to include room for word-of-mouth strategies.  Today, those tactics are all social- as a friend of a friend’s #foodie post on Instagram is more valued than a dated 5-star review at the bottom of a webpage. In fact, 92% of consumers trust content and recommendations that come from peers over any other form of marketing.

Why ImGoing Saas?


  • Daily automated updates to the content – new posts 24/7
  •  ITI Digital will research specific feeds and deliver the dashboard to with content for you to get started promoting the destination.
  • We assist your team setting up libraries and advise on the best design option for your website.
  • We provide a ready-to-integrate code for website implementation and work with your team or web agency to assist with the website widget installation


  • Approve / Reject Posts
  • Organize assets in library folders
  • Create unlimited library folders
  • Display the library folders as website widgets. This allows your team to utilize UGC content to promote different topics of your destination such as Dining, Outdoors, Pet-Friendly, Weddings, etc.
  • View comments for each post
  • Filter media by type, size, and orientation
  • Search assets database based on caption text
  • Filter media by the date it was published
  • Rights Approval Feature – contact users and ask for permission to use their posts in other marketing efforts
  • Contact Partners to access to their Stories, Mentions, Comments