Catching the travel bug with cool itineraries.

Promote and highlights your tourism assets and partners with inspiring itineraries. “Things to Do on a Rainy Day,” Antique Shopping, Hiking, Biking, Activities with kids, Brewery Trails, Pet-Friendly, and more.

The GPS-enabled itineraries are easy to share and easy to integrate. Inspire travelers to your destination and see visitors come back often and stay longer. A visitor service that is always welcomed and appreciated.

Why an Itinerary Library? 

  • Inspire travel to the destination with a mobile-friendly trip planner that includes automated content with real-time Google Places content
  • Provide the individual traveler with a digital tool to create their customized visitor experience and interactive trips, featuring things to do and experience in the area.
  • Lower the CMS management time by 50% when creating tours and itineraries, allowing you to re-assign your valuable resources to other projects and task
  • Provide visitors to the destination site with 100% engaging and GPS-enabled content 
  • Customize header images for the PDF export.
  • Publish or un-publish itineraries with one click, allowing the CVB to offer seasonal suggested trips to potential visitors
  • Re-order the list of how itineraries appear on your website widget e.g. show a seasonal itinerary at the top of the page
  • Remove items to edit the places of interest
  • Drag-and-drop places of interest in the order desired for each itinerary
  • Itinerary automatically recalculates GPS route
  • Edit the name and cover image of the itinerary