Montgomery County VA Regional Tourism is thrilled to unveil its cutting-edge Virtual Visitor Center, a groundbreaking platform to revolutionize tourism planning and engagement. The Virtual Visitor Center promises to transform how residents and visitors explore and connect with the county’s vibrant attractions, events, and activities.

In a recent interview, Executive Director David Rotenizer shared his insights and motivation behind launching this innovative project, highlighting its potential benefits for the local community and tourism experiences. David shared that the concept of the Virtual Visitor Center captivated him from the first presentation he received. “It was a game changer in many senses of the term,” shared Rotenizer. Connecting cutting-edge technology to local community stakeholders and partners has challenged every tourism office. New initiatives such as the VVC are here to change this landscape.

Below is the interview with David to understand the new program better, the impact it is already generating in Montogomery County, and how to participate. 

In your team’s view, how does the new VVC benefit visitors and residents of Montgomery County?

David Rotenizer: It provides near real-time content delivery in a format we can customize based on our unique needs, which are customized into presentation formats. As I have mentioned in various public and group presentations, the Virtual Visitor Center is a game changer in many ways. First, it is taking advantage of the new and emerging DXP technology and providing a useful practical application customized locally. It shares the burden of delivering the timely event and attraction information in digital format between the tourism office and the various event organizers and attraction hosts.

How has implementing the content elements of the VVC impacted the workload for your staff?

David Rotenizer: Through the power of geo-fencing and searches, we have much greater access and understanding of more of the attractions, activities, and events in our community.

What is the most exciting feature of the VVC for you?

David Rotenizer: In a way, it makes the community a more engaged partner in the program through the magic and power of digital geo-fencing. With a 72-hour “sweep” for events and 14 days for Google Places, it is as close to real-time content delivery as possible, aside from sitting behind your keyboard 24/7.

What makes ITI Digital a good partner for this project?

David Rotenizer: The agency has a good reputation with other clients. They have been very accommodating and supportive of our program’s needs and limitations – and a willingness to help overcome/accommodate the latter.

If there is one takeaway you want the local community to know about the VVC, what would that be?

David Rotenizer: As part of our recovery and development of the tourism program following the pandemic, the Virtual Visitor Center is at the core of a new and exciting direction for the community’s tourism program. The Virtual Visitor Center benefits the local community as well as visitors. The Virtual Visitor Center should be viewed as an evolving platform – we can enhance, develop, and customize delivery based on real-time needs and experiences. Experience Montgomery County like never before with the VVC.  Your gateway to discover this beautiful county’s best. For more information and to start your immersive journey, visit