Allow visitors to interact with engaging content that drives action.

Offer your site visitors a better web experience and promote your local business partners. With the integration of Google Places, Easily manage multiple locations. Leverage the latest engagement features to stay connected to site visitors.

  • Enhance the profile of your valued business partners
  • Relevant Information. Google offers dynamic content that is automatically updated as needed, such as a change in hours of operation.
  • Interactive content for visitors to your site
  • SEO. Increase time on page and engagement
  • Staff time savings. Because of software content automation, the organization is not dependent on business partners to update their listings. The listings, therefore, are always correct and relevant.
  • New technology = new experiences. Move your site beyond being a portal for static content.

What We Do

We deliver Business Listings – Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, Attractions – powered by Google Places with geofencing technology. Our software uses authorized data points to deliver key points of interest with each including the following content:
  • Images – Three photos per business
  • Customer Reviews
  • Nearby Places
  • Business hours and open/close status are automatically updated 24/7
  • Contact information: Website link, phone number, and address
  • GPS-enabled directions

Key User Features

Access real-time information on business hours, open/closed
See overall business rating by Google
See the latest customer’s
Google reviews
Get Directions, mobile-friendly GPS
Visit the business website